Honoring a research team for producing “double coated mineral urea fertilizer”- Faculty of Agriculture

A research team at the faculty of Agriculture- Mansoura University, honored by prof / Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University and prof / Ashraf Sweilam – vice-president for graduate studies and research affairs, on Wednesday 23rd November 2016.
For obtaining a patent by the patent office - Academy of Scientific Research, for producing “double coated mineral urea fertilizer”
The research team assured the importance of the new fertilizer in solving the problem of the speed of absorption of urea fertilizer in the soil.
Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy assured the strategy of the university in solving a social problems, and mentioned how these researches serving the community by transferring them into industries.
He also mentioned that this kind of fertilizers will be produced by the Delta Factory for Fertilizing and Industries
It’s worth to mention, that this is the first Mansoura university patent as a basic partner, and this research was financed by A Mansoura University research project.
The project research team conducted a partnership with Delta Factory for Fertilizers and Industries as an industrial partner in producing the final production by the fertilizers development center.

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