A seminar about the “Hopes Heep” project organized by The British council – Mansoura University

Under the auspice of prof/ Mohamed Kenawy- president of Mansoura University, and prof/ Ashraf Abd Albaset- Vice-president for education and students’ affairs.
On Wednesday 7th December 2016, the education and students’ sector organized the first seminar to identify the Hopes-Heep project, at the conferences hall – general administration- Mansoura University.
The project aims to teach English language to the Syrian foreign students and Egyptian students, and how to employ it abroad.
Prof/ Ashraf Abd Albaset- pointed out that the project comes within the university’s strategy to develop the graduates’ skills as the English language is the international language.
Prof/ Harry Heinz- Regional Manager of the project, pointed out that the project will be within 2016 - 2019, and will be financed by the European Union, and finally he presented the main objects of the project and how to engage with.

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