Faculty of Veterinary Preparing for Accreditation

Within the preparations of the faculty of veterinary to apply for accreditation.
A team work headed by prof/ Ashraf Abd Al Baset - Vice–president for Education and Students’ Affairs, and prof/Asmaa Mostafa- Manger of the Quality Assurance Center- Dean of the faculty of Education, visited the Faculty of veterinary on Wednesday 14th December 2016.
The visit started by a dialogue with the students, to discuss their complaints and suggestions, about the study, curriculum, and labs.
Prof/ Hossam Alshek Ali- Manager of the Quality Assurance Unit, presented about the faculty by a PowerPoint presentation about study and lectures halls, labs, library, faculty activities, workshops, and the safety procedures.
Prof/ Nabil Abo Hekal- Dean of the faculty assured that the faculty took a serious procedures to obtain accreditation, by applying the quality assurance standards.
Prof/ Ashraf Abd Al Baset, praised the faculty, and assured the university’s total support for the faculty to get accreditation and to achieve excellence.



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