President of Mansoura University inaugurating the new expansions in the psychiatry building - Mansoura University

On Wednesday 26th April 2017, prof/ Mohamed Kenawy, President of Mansoura University inaugurated the new expansions in the Psychiatry building, three additional roles were opened in the Psychiatric Building, each with an area of 800 square meters and a role for addiction cases treatment
Prof/ Hala El-Borai - Head of the Department of Psychiatry, pointed out that the three new roles are an addition to the Department of Psychiatry, where 14 thousand cases are treated annually of adults and 3,500 of children.
on his side, prof/ Mohammed Kenawy, pointed out that the university has a strategy to eliminate waiting lists and expand the units to accommodate the largest possible number of patients, and to make the maximum use of the qualitative excellence of the expertise of faculty members in the Psychiatry Department for the treatment of psychiatric diseases, which appeared in the community recently, including the phenomenon of addiction and the activation of cooperation protocols Recently signed for the rehabilitation of the role of social care and rehabilitation of the mother and alternative follow-up cases.


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