A partnership between Mansoura University and the" AIR" to prepare the teachers of "STEM" schools

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On Wednesday 3rd May 2017, the "AIR" delegation was received by prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University to discuss the partnership between the university and the "AIR" to prepare the teachers of "SREM" schools.

The meeting was attended by prof/ Asmaa Mustafa- Dean of the Faculty of Education, prof/ Azza Osman - Dean of the Faculty of Science and prof/ Sobhy Abdel kader- Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research – Faculty of Engineering.
The delegation declared that, within the frame work of the ministry's interest in sponsoring the outstanding students, it has expanded the establishment of these types of schools in various governorates, as the number of these schools is now 11 in addition to 3 more schools will be opened in the next academic year 2017/2018.
They also declared that such students are given a continuous support and care, added that they are distinguished students, well chosen according to specific standards, their study depends on a project based learning strategy, to be able to problem solve, research and survey.

On his side prof/ Kenawy assured the university seeks to contribute in the society's development by a distinguished education system.
They also discussed the ways of support, which could be offered by the university by conducting training programs for the school teachers by the faculty of Education and the faculty of Science.

It was agreed that a number of officials and those who are concerned to visit the university to identify both needs and ways of benefits in supporting such schools in a preparation for a cooperation protocol among the University, the Ministry and the "AIR".

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