president of Mansoura University in a visit to the "ITI"

Within the frame work of the cooperation protocol between Mansoura university and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, represented by the Institute of Information and Communication Technology "ITI", to produce generations of professionals to work in the fields of information technology and to raise awareness of the latest global trends in these areas of the Egyptian Universities' youth .

On Saturday 29th April 2017, both prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University, and prof/ Hassan Etman – Scientific and Technological Advisor, visited the Institute of Information and Communication Technology "ITI" in the smart village.

They were received by prof/ Heba Saleh – Director of the Institute who presented about the philosophy of the Institute's work and its various activities at the level of the main building in the smart village and its all branches allover the Egyptian universities.

she also mentioned that the Institute has graduated distinguished students,who have studied and trained in "ICT" skills and applications, through the professional training program organized by the Institute periodically for 9 months annually, as well as the intensive grants in this area, for 3 months, in which students are trained in the latest disciplines related to information technology, commensurate with the needs of the local and international labor market.

They toured inside the institute and met with a group of young graduates of the institute, programmers and mobile application developers, they also met with a group of 10-years-old students from different Egyptian schools to be qualified for the latest programs, and the various applications in the field of information technology, to create a spirit of competition among them, by valuable prizes to encourage them to innovate and innovation.

Prof/ Kenawy, assured his support and encouragement for information and communication technology culture inside the university and among the youth to create well qualified generations able to compete, mentioned that Mansoura University leads the information and communication technology development in Delta and aims to create a real job opportunities for these youth.


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