President of Mansoura University Lays the Foundation Stone for the Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation unit

On Tuesday 23rd May 2017, prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University, laid the foundation stone for the preparation of the project of the Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation unit - Mansoura University.
In the presence of prof/ Ashraf Abd El Basset - Vice President for Education and Students' affairs, prof/ Ashraf Sweilam - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research affairs , prof/ Saeed Abd El Hady- Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, prof/ Mohamed Hegazy - Director of Oncology Center.

Prof/ Hegazy stressed that the center provides its services for all delta patients and that the establishment of the Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation unit was a dream within the dreams of the center for the development of medical service, which became a fact.

Prof/ Abd El Hady pointed out that the center has witnessed a great boom since its establishment, by the efforts of doctors and all the employees and the previous departments of the center and the great role of the civil society in supporting and solving many of the problems suffered by patients.
On his side, prof/ Kenawy said that Mansoura will remain the capital of medicine in Egypt and today it’s a step in the way of the future for the development of medical services every day we find new in the medical field and the development of treatment methods.
by the end he announced the opening of the heart and chest surgery center, which cost about 30 million pounds, donated by a benefactor, and supported by the state with about 70 million pounds, and which will be used to solve the problems of waiting lists for patients with heart, chest and blood surgery.


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