President of Mansoura University held a meeting with his assistants to discuss students' problems

On Wednesday 31st May 2017, both prof/ Mohamed El-Kenawy- President of Mansoura University, and prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset- vice – president for education and student affairs, held a meeting with the members of the university's student assistants council in the presence of prof/ Ahmed Al-Adal- coordinator of the Student Communication Committee.
Prof/ Kenawy, assured that the university has a priority to facilitate educational services for students, provide them the best educational service in a suitable environment, develop both curricula and teaching methods and to improve services in university cities.
Prof/ Al-Adl, pointed out that a program will be implemented to improve the skills of the university's assistants in administrative, legal, technical, and interpersonal skills, through an intensive program to equip them with required skills for future leaders.
A list of duties and responsibilities were discussed, the university's assistants presented the problems related to students and educational process in various faculties.
They also discussed the importance of students' training, how to qualify students for the job market, and refining their scientific and knowledge skills from the beginning.
They suggested a large student conference to be held, and attended by students from all faculties of the university, to present their ideas and perspectives in the development of the university and the educational process through consultative workshops to come up with a strategic development plan.

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