President of Mansoura University discusses the establishment of the In vitro fertilization "IVF" laboratory at the faculty Veterinary

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On Wednesday 15th June2017, prof/Mohamed Kenawy- President of Mansoura University, held a meeting with prof/ Mansour Abu El-Enen, lecturer at Theriogenology Department – Faculty of Veterinary , to discuss the details of a project proposal on "the establishment of a semen treatment laboratory"
The project aims to expand the use of In vitro fertilization "IVF" and how to promote it.
The project also aims to analyze semen produced locally and compare it with seminal fluid imported and used in many large cattle farms and replace it with the local, by to train students and achieve a research objective through the development and improvement of IVF and the selection of good breeds, as well as the starting of the establishment of In vitro fertilization " IVF" unit at the faculty.

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