President of Mansoura University visiting the faculty of Tourism and Hotels

On Tuesday 10th of January, 2017, Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy, President of Mansoura University visited the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, He was welcomed by Prof/ Amina Ibrahim Shalaby- Dean of the Faculty, vice- deans of the faculty, and a set of staff members.
In his visit, Prof/ Kenawy checked out what have been achieved in the faculty's development plan, as the faculty's big hall, the textile mill as well as the suggested sites for the new establishments that will be added to the faculty for developing its educational process, such as the travel agency and the hotel.
Prof/ Amina Ibrahim, gave a detailed explanation on all what have been achieved in the faculty, such as increasing the self-generated resources, the co-operation protocols with the travel agencies for students' training, the preparations for convening the faculty's 1st international conference as well as the conference of young scholars, and the suggested development plan of the faculty.
Prof/ Kenawy also held a meeting with the faculty's professors, assistant lecturers and demonstrators and discussed many topics with them. In his speech, he shed light on the importance of overcoming all the obstacles that can be found and emphasized on the necessity of holding periodic meetings with all the professors and the employees of the faculty for getting an integrated development plan for the faculty

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