President of Mansoura University renewing the cooperation agreement with Hanover Veterinary Medicine

On the sidelines of the International Conference on Food Hygiene in cooperation with Hanover University of Veterinary Medicine – Germany.

Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University, received a delegation from Hanover University to renew the cooperation agreement between the two universities.

The delegation included prof/ Joseph Kamfus - director of the Institute of Animal Diseases at Hanover University, prof/ Amer Abdulmajoud - Food Safety and Control Department and prof/ Andrea Baker - Food Safety and Control Department and Marita Lidfouche - official of the Foreign Office Affairs at Hanover University.

Prof/ Kenawy pointed out that the university has a strategy of experiences exchange with foreign universities in many disciplines, including Hanover University of Veterinary Medicine, stressing on the importance of continuous cooperation to include faculty members and students exchange, joint scientific researches and joint conferences.

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