Mansoura University Launches Delta Children without Virus C

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The Children's Hospital of Mansoura University inaugurated the first phase of the "Delta Children without Virus C" campaign.
Under the auspices of prof/ Mohamed Kenawy- President of Mansoura University.
The campaign aims to take care of children infected with virus C and not covered under the umbrella of health insurance or any treatment program.
prof/ Mohamed Ezz – Head of the Liver and Gastroenterology Unit at the Children's Hospital, pointed out the risks of children infected with virus C and the high rates of infection with the virus among children in Egypt in general and the Delta in particular and the possibility to be treated with the availability of drug "Harvey".
Prof/ Kenawy, stressed that the excellence of work in the children's hospital is a result of the regularity of all the professors in attendance and follow-up of the sick conditions.

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