President of Mansoura University reviews the stages of the cord blood stem cells bank

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Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, held a meeting with the project team of the cord blood stem cell bank to discuss the stages of the project and the timetable for implementation.
The team presented about the importance of the project, in treating many diseases, as Cord blood is one of the most important sources of stem cells and treat many common diseases in Egypt, by transplanting stem cells such as Mediterranean anemia, leukemia, diabetes, and liver cirrhosis due to viral hepatitis.
They reviewed the stages of the completed project, explaining the end of the process of designing, implementing and testing the validity required to extract and preserve umbilical cord stem cells, and then freezing them menting that the work will actually completed within 45 days, and training of all crews and work teams is under way.
At the end of the meeting prof/ Kenawy stressed the importance of completing the project to be the fourth project for organ transplantation "kidneys, liver, marrow and stem cells."

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