The 8th Youth Researchers Forum at the faculty of Science - Mansoura University

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On Tuesday, 17th July 2018, the faculty of Science hosted the activities of the 8th Youth Researchers Forum.
Under the patronage of Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, Prof/ Ashraf Swailam – vice president for post graduate studies and research affairs and Prof/ Adel El Junaidi - Dean of the Faculty of Science.
The forum aims at keeping pace with scientific research development by exchanging experiences among all researchers, effective communication between different scientific schools and research experiences, applying the results of scientific researches in the various industrial and vital fields, motivating students and postgraduate students to participate in seminars, conferences and scientific forums.
the most important discoveries will be presented as Mansourasaurus, which will be presented by prof/ Hesham Salam – director of the Vertebrate Research Center and the activation of the cooperation between Zewail University and Mansoura University which will be presented by Prof/ Salah Abia - Professor of Photonics at Mansoura University.
Prof/ Adel Al-Junaidi praised the forum organization for the eighth year in a row reflects the keenness of the Faculty of Science Mansoura University to play its role in supporting scientific research and encouraging researchers to promote it.
Prof/ Swailam stressed the need to employ scientific research for the development of society and solve some of its problems so that the scientific research on the benefit of society.
48 papers were submitted to this forum by a number of researchers in the faculties of Science, Pharmacy, Engineering and Education at the universities of Mansoura, Zagazig and Sadat..

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