News Archive 2016

Title Created Date
Honoring a research team for producing “double coated mineral urea fertilizer”- Faculty of Agriculture 23 November 2016
Mansoura president watches seven student theater shows 22 November 2016
Opening the second international food conference – Faculty of Agriculture 21 November 2016
Opening the sixth annual book fair – Mansoura University 20 November 2016
A meeting with the European projects committee experts 20 November 2016
Faculty of education preparing for accreditation 19 November 2016
Opening the "Modern Trends Conference to accredit medical faculties” Mansoura University 16 November 2016
The second Mansoura International Dental Congress 15 November 2016
Mansoura University celebrates the international day for diabetes 15 November 2016
A meeting with the doctors in the Ophthalmic center – Mansoura University 15 November 2016
A coordination protocol between Mansoura University and the French university of Man 14 November 2016
The British consultant of higher education visits Mansoura University 14 November 2016
The establishment of the Innovation and distance learning Center with university of "Montpellier - France" 14 November 2016
The fifth scientific conference for the students of the Faculty of pharmacy 13 November 2016
Candidates for Soltan Ben Ali Alewaes Cultural award 10 November 2016
Starting the electronic archive in the faculty of commerce 10 November 2016
Honoring 30 trainer through the microscopic surgery workshop organized by the Oncology Center 09 November 2016
Mansoura University Producing the first 100% Egyptian developed vaccine for allergy treatment 09 November 2016
Opening the operation of the new devices in the fetal medicine unit - Obstetrics and Gynecology center. 08 November 2016
President of Mansoura University received the Kano’s Governor 07 November 2016
Organizing a seminar to encourage ideas and support small and medium industries – faculty of engineering 07 November 2016
President of Mansoura University meets the Omani cultural Attaché 06 November 2016
A Nigerian Delegation was received by the Vice –President of Mansoura University 03 November 2016
Mansoura University activating the “women empowerment unit “ 03 November 2016
Discussing the activation of the signed agreement between Mansoura University and the Arabian board for medical sciences 02 November 2016
Vice-president of Mansoura University following the maintenance and renewal works in Gehan girls' hostel 02 November 2016
The end of the institutional self-evaluation course in the faculty of Dentistry 01 November 2016
President of Mansoura University discuss the establishment of Mansoura Metro 31 October 2016
Honoring the first professor for his scientific excellence 31 October 2016
Opening the institutional self-evaluation course in the faculty of Dentistry 30 October 2016
Mansoura University Calls the 2016/2017 Academic Year “Students’ Activities Year” 18 September 2016
British Council Delegation Offers English Language Programs for Students of Mansoura University 10 September 2016
Mansoura University Vice-President Meets the Students of "The Qualifying Program for Preparation of Student leaders 10 September 2016
Mansoura University Establishing Water Research and Technology Institute in Gamasa 09 September 2016
Newton- Mosharafa Grants Program for the Third Year 2016/2017 07 September 2016
Mansoura University Specialized Medical Hospital Celebrates the Renewal of Accreditation Certificate for the Second Year 07 September 2016
President of Mansoura University Meets the American Association for Lawyers and Judges Delegation. 06 September 2016
New Labor Protocol in Mansoura University Children's Hospital 06 September 2016
Medical Examination Service through Mansoura University Website 05 September 2016
Mansoura University Organizes the International Students Festival 04 September 2016
Vice-President of Mansoura University Discusses the Malaysian Students Affairs with the Education Official of Malaysian Embassy 04 September 2016
A workshop on Biological Risks Management in Mansoura University 04 September 2016
Mansoura University President Attends in the Celebration of the Fourth Girl Students' Week in Menia University 04 September 2016
The Director of the Amideast Project Welcomes Mansoura University Students Joining the Second Stage of University Grants 03 September 2016
President of Mansoura University Meets Omdurman Islamic University Delegation 02 September 2016
A Researcher from Mansoura University Presents the Activities of the Fulbright Training Program in the University of Texas 01 September 2016
Mansoura University Participates in Universities Festival in the Fourth Girls Week in Minya University 01 September 2016
President of Mansoura University Studying Connecting Graduates to Labor Market 30 August 2016
Celebrating the Graduation of a New Class of Clinical Pharmacy in Mansoura University 29 August 2016
President of Mansoura University Meets the Simulation Visit Committee of the Faculty of Science 24 August 2016