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 The faculty of medicine was founded in 1962 as a branch of Cairo University. In 1972, a presidential decree (article number 49 in the constitution) announced the establishment of the University under the name "East Delta University”. Later on, its name was changed to Mansoura University in 1973. Mansoura University is the sixth university to be founded in Egypt. Its campus occupies an area of approximately 300 acres from the southwest side of Mansoura. It includes the following faculties: 

Faculties of Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy - Engineering - Agriculture - Commerce - Law - Science - Education - Specific Education - Arts - Computers and Information - Nursing - Veterinary Medicine - Physical Education - Early Childhood Education - Tourism and Hotels - Fine Arts.

as well as other student services centers like "The Administration of the students' General Affairs", the dormitories, and other specializing units that serve inside and outside the campus simultaneously.

This is in addition to the premises occupied by the university off campus faculties such as:

  • The Faculty of Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education located on Ahmed Maher Street
  • The Faculty of Specific Education in Mansoura and its two branches in Mit Ghamr and Minyet El-Nasr
  • The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels

You can also find a tremendous service center for students that meets all their needs, a library, a social club, a modern kitchen for staff members and employees, and a newly equipped hospital for students.

Presidents of the University since foundation:

1- Prof. Abdelmeniem Elsaeid Al-Badrawy from 1973-1978

2- Prof. Shafeek Ebrahim Balba' from 1978-1980

3- Prof. Yehya Ahmed Masoud from 1980-1983

4- Prof. Kamal Eldeen Kamal Ahmed from 1983-1987

5- Prof. AbdelFatah Muhammad Hassan from 1987-1990

6- Prof. Muhammad Hasaneed Emarra from 1990-1994

7- Prof. Ahmed Amin Hamza from 1994-2001

8- Prof. Yehya Hussein Ebeed from 2001-2003

9- Prof. Ahmed Gamal Eldeen Mousa from 8/2003-7/2004

10- Prof. Magdy Muhammad Abu Raya from 8/2004-8/2007

11- Prof. Ahmed Bayoumy Shehab Eldeen from 8/2007-8/2011

12- Prof. Elsayed Ahmed Abdelkhalek from 11/2011- 6/2014

13- Prof. Muhammad El-Kenawy from 9-2014- 9/2018        

14- Prof. Ashraf Muhammad Abdelbaset from 11/20148- present


Specific Programs by faculties (students - graduate studies)

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