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Oncology Center was established in 1994. The center aims at providing all integrated treatment and sophisticated preventives services in Delta and Channel governorates, as well as providing health care for acute critical cases and in all disciplines of oncology (digestive system - liver - blood - bone - marrow transplant cases) and upgrading the educational level of doctors in the fields of oncology with different ways of treatment and aspects of prevention and early detection. The center, also, aims at teaching undergraduate students and training resident physicians of the different branches, likewise graduate students wishing to obtain Master's degree or Doctorate in the specialization. Another major aim of the center is training medical staff and doing clinical, laboratory, and experimental researches in the fields of Oncology concentrating on studying the surrounding environment and how it affects this field and trying to control it. The center conducts joint research projects with another universities, national and international oncology centers for early detection of Cancer. one of them was the project of Early detection of Breast Cancer over two years checking 13100 women all over Egypt ; hereafter early detection of liver cancer. The center includes several sections as: Department of Hematology and Children Oncology, Department of blood diseases and Internists tumors, Department of Surgical Oncology, Department of Pain treatment, Department of Laboratory and Blood Bank, and Department of Diagnostic Radiology (Normal / waves / CT).

Website: ocmu.mans.edu.eg

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