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Mansoura University is applying a new electronic system for multiple choice exams on different faculties

Mansoura University is applying a new electronic system for multiple choice exams on different faculties

Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset said that , there is a new electronic system for the "multiple choice" exam which is now being applied to various faculties to ensure integrity and transparency during the examinations.
The Council of Education and Students affairs reviewed in its last session ways and mechanisms to implement the multi-choice examinations .The percentage of these tests in some colleges 30% and up to 100% in some other colleges.
Dr. Asmaa Mustafa , Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation center and Dean of the Faculty of Education, said that the Quality Assurance Center has applied a training program for professors and faculty members working in thecontrols of faculties of the various educational sectors in the university, they are : Basic Sciences, Medical Sciences and humanities . The aim of the training is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that enable them to design objective tests (their concept, specifications, quality standards), formulate multiple choice questions based on right scientific principles, correcting Wrong concepts about objective tests and electronic correction ,learn how to prepare a paper and answer the student and correcting it electronically, increasing the motivation of the participant towards objective testing and electronic correction and the preparation of cadres to transfer of expertise to the rest of the faculty members of the college.
Dr. Sherif Kishk, Director of ICT Center, said that the Center has established and developed a modern version of the electronic correction system and will be applied in the first semester exams at most faculties of the university. He pointed out that the modern version of the system is working in conjunction with the system of Ibn al-Haytham to manage the affairs of students, and can deal with the data of students registered on any database, and does not require the printing of response forms on special paper, the system also provides a wide range of reports, The possibility of presenting a comprehensive and detailed report for each course in a graphical form, including: number of questions, final grade, number of students, number of successful students, success rate, lowest score, highest score, mean and average score, variance and deviation and the most degree used, the torsion coefficient and the degree of difficulty.



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