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Urology and Nephrology Center at Mansoura University celebrates 3000 cases of kidney transplant

Proudly, Urology and Nephrology Center celebrates reaching the amount of 3000 successful kidney transplant operations. In addition to, it ranked first internationally after 2015,
 Furthermore, Urology and Nephrology Center is the biggest globally with the capacity of 260 beds for the Urology unit only, surpassing Toronto Hospital in Canada with its capacity of 80 beds only. In fact, the center is of great importance not only in Egypt, but in the MENA region as a whole. That is why many foreign doctors from different countries come to visit it annually to benefit from the expertise of the staff members working there. Besides, the center provides services in education not to be compared with those provided in the European and American academic institutions. Moreover, many of the professors who work at the center participate as speakers in international conferences of Urology and Nephrology where foreign doctors attend just to listen to and exchange experiences with our professors working at the center. Not to mention the fact that, many of the academic institutions and hospitals in Europe and the U.S invite our professors and the staff members of the center to go there and deliver workshops and training programs for their physicians and young doctors. As for the staff members' contributions to scientific research, they are huge with regard to quantity and scientific quality. Surprisingly, the H-Index of some of the professors who work at the center surpass the H-Index of Nobel winners and laureates. The center ranked second worldwide for years with regard to Urology and Nephrology. However, in 2015 it ranked first surpassing UCSF Medical Center in the U.S


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