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  • Mansoura University implements its strategic objectives to achieve leadership and excellence in its different sectors of Education, Scientific Research, Community Service & Environmental Development within the frame work of sustainable development and in accordance with Egypt’s vision for 2030 through the following:
  1. Producing a distinguished graduate capable of competing in both local and international labor  market.
  2. Qualifying its faculties to obtain academic accreditation in accordance with the standards set out by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education in Egypt.
  3. Building the capacity of its administrative staff and increasing the quality of the services they provide while following the criteria set out by ISO 9001, 2015 for quality management system.
  4. Applying law and regulations governing the work in Mansoura University with combating corruption.
  5. Developing the skills and competences of all those who work in both Education and Hospitals Sectors through delivering training courses and workshops  as well as getting them involved in the continuing education programs while emphasizing the importance of achieving the desired learning outcomes and evaluating  their results effectively.
  6. Adopting the principle of risk-based thinking to proactively improve the certainty of achieving outcomes, considering threats, searching for opportunities, and making decisions based on a systematic analysis of information to develop appropriate preventive and corrective measures.
  7. . Measuring performance regularly with constant improvement and development.
  8. Realizing Creativity and innovation to achieve professional and research distinction.
  9. Satisfying all the beneficiaries of Mansoura University’s services and all the other stakeholders through fulfilling their current demands with high quality while expecting and planning for their future needs.



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The courses available within the university are being prepared

Please visit the page soon


Les cours disponibles au sein de l'université sont en cours de préparation
Veuillez visiter la page bientôt

In the light of Mansoura University’s willingness to implement the state’s policy regarding following precautionary procedures to limit the spread of Covid-19 and facilitating the implementation of such measures by the citizens, Mansoura University has taken several measures to help faculty members, staff, and students overcome that problem that spread in many countries and hampered life. As usual, Mansoura University pioneered to assure all its followers all over the world that it is the first electronic university in Egypt as it rightfully earned the first place in the Egyptian universities’ digital transformation competition through the implementation of a number of measures including:
• Mansoura University Gate for Educational content has been created.
• A Gate for graduate studies’ lectures has been created.
• An introductory video about Corona Virus has been published.
• A video concerning the Stay at Home Campaign targeting people with special needs has been published.
• A Plan has been developed to coordinate and deal with Cases infected with Corona Virus.
• A visit schedule of the medical committee to the university faculties has been arranged to raise awareness with regard to the preventive measures against Covid-19.
• The University president has inspected the preventive measures against Covid-19 within the hospitals and the work system of the off-campus clinics.
• Mansoura University has contributed to facilitating the access of health care services for the members of Health Care Fund. The board of directors has agreed on a number of important decisions for the interest of Mansoura University affiliated members.

Playing an Effective Role in Community Service, Mansoura University has:
• Produced preventive personal supplies to be used against Covid-19.
• Trained the nursing staff at Mansoura University hospitals against Covid-19.
• Spread awareness posters and stickers by ATM machines on Campus.
• Participated with the ministry of health in sending a medical team to help the medical team at the quarantine hospital in Tamay Al-Amadid.
• Held the first University Council via video conference.

The Malaysian vice minister of Higher Education has praised the role of Mansoura University Graduates in Combating Covid-19:
It is worth noting that in the midst of the news of that dreaded virus, Mansoura University graduates in different parts of the globe and their educational level have proved to be up to responsibility and that Mansoura University is the castle of science and medicine in Egypt and all over the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IBGpXgWVCA
The Media Coverage of Mansoura University’s Dealing with Covid-19:

DMC Channel.
Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper.
Sada Al-Balad Channel.

Al-Ahram Newspaper.
Al-Bawaba News Newspaper.

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