Mansoura University Organizes a Workshop about the Erasmus Mundus Program

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The high studies and cultural relations sector in Mansoura University organized a workshop entitled “Five Steps to Win the European Union Erasmus Mundus Program Grants” on Monday 22nd of August 2016. The workshop was held in the central library and was lectured be Dr. Amr Abdulfatah; lecturer in Faculty of Physical Education and researcher in the Institute of Sports Science University of Graz, Austria. 

The workshop was organized with the framework of Mansoura University interest in coping with modern international scientific evolution and taking advantage of the international grants programs and in particular those offered by the European Union; especially Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus Plus. The Erasmus Mundus program is considered one of the most important cooperation and exchanging programs in the field of high education. It aims at improving the quality of European high education and promoting communication and understanding between different peoples and cultures.

The current session of the Erasmus Mundus program is the last one and the deadline for applying is on October 2, 2016. Therefore, the Erasmus Office in Mansoura University provides all the required necessary facilities and consultations to help winning the grants.
          The workshop presented the steps for applying and serious research for European partner with an appropriate specialization for each applicant. The grants’ website provides all the needed information about the involved European universities and the required specializations.
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