Mansoura University launches the first and the largest medical convoy in Egyptian universities ,bridges of goodness to the central of Sinai (Nakhl and ElHasna).

The first and largest medical convoy in Egyptian universities has been launched under the care of acting president of university dr Ashraf Abd Elbaset ,and General Abd Al fadil Shosha, governor of North Sinai under the chairman ship Mahmoud El Meligy the vice president for environmental affairs ,in the period from 7 to 12 October 2018 under the celebration of the state of October victories .
The staff includes Dr Hamdy El kalioby the executive director of the convoy , Dr Eman Ahmed Abo El fadl the deputy of the convoy and mr Ebrahim Ebrahim Abd El Baky ,the financial director of the convoy ,and mr Ahmed Samir in the office of vice president.
This convoy is the first start from the plan of integrated medical convoy that aims to presenting different services for Sinai people and many far places which in strongest need in Egypt .The convoy makes the free medical check on patients plus making different surgeries with free medication and distributing food and water aid for poor families in the government.
The convoy also makes many seminars to our people in veterinary medicine and agriculture.
They visit all villages and make medical check . The convoy presents all drugs in all specializations ,all veterinary drugs ,material aids include 2000 blankets ,1500 packet of food ,250 school bags with writing tools .General Tamer El Awady ,director of military education presents a lot of aids for launching this convoy .
Dr Mahmoud El Meligy ,pointed to bridges of goodness convoy ,under the university plan of launching for the strongest need places to ease the suffering of the needy and the pain of patients from the human role that the university play it to serve the university which is being completing the search and educational role.
The General Abd ElFadil shosha presents thanks to the governor o f North Sinai for this quick response and his agreed to launch the convoy immediately after sending the proposal of the convoy.Also ,he presented thanks to the Army and police leaders who secure the convoy since its move until they arrive to Nakhl general hospital .
The most we can talk about the preparing of the convoy under participating of Mansoura university with the foundation of Masr ElKhair ,United Bank ,Sedico company for drugs, Pharco company for drugs ,Veterinary directorate in Dakahlia.
The convoy includes 34 professor in different specializations in faculties : Medical faculty ,Dentist faculty, Veterinary faculty ,Agriculture faculty ,hospital of students ,pharmacy faculty, nursing faculty by participating professors of faculties .We will provide you with events of the convoy.

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