Students Team of Mansoura Faculty of Engineering participates in Formula Contest in London

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A team of students from the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University participated in the 2016 Formula One World contest for students in Silver Stone in Britain. The contest was held under the auspices of English Society for Mechanical Engineers on July 15 – 19 2016.
The contest included 15 teams of 35 countries of the world. Three teams from Egyptian universities, Mansoura University, Cairo University and Ain Shams, were included, in addition to other teams from Arab world.
Mansoura University team included 28 students of Mechanical Power Engineering Department. They were under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Awd- Assistant Lecturer at Mechanical Power Engineering Department
The contest involved the designing and implementing Formula One Race Car. Mansoura Formula team manufactured the car and made some innovations on the design. They made modifications concerning reducing the weight of the vehicle, which helps to increase the speed of the car and maintaining optimized balance and stability in curves. The modifications, also, included making the exterior design of the car more streamlined in order to reduce the air resistance.

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