Proper nutrition and cancer preventation in a symposium at Mansoura University

under the auspice of prof/ Mohamed Kenawy- President of Mansoura University, prof/ Said Abd Elhady - Dean of the faculty of Medicine, and prof/ Mohamed Hegazy – Director of the Oncology Center.
A symposium was organized by the Oncology Center, discoursed by Dr. Rifaat Hijazi who recommended the proper nutrition of cancer patients.
He pointed out that the diseases of malnutrition spread among cancer patients and is responsible for complications and may lead to prolonged periods of healing, and non-healing wounds and weakness and weakness and exposure to bacterial and viral infections in the respiratory system and deaths.
He stressed that it is important to identify the symptoms and causes of malnutrition among these patients and to address early to prevent the development of the situation, and the detection of these diseases and methods of treatment by specialists in therapeutic nutrition.


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