''The Legal Awareness for University's Students'' Seminar at The Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University

''The Legal Awareness for University's Students'' Seminar at The Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University

Today on Wednesday 25th November 2020, the Education and Students' Affairs Sector at Mansoura university in cooperation with the administration of Students Welfare at the faculty of Arts organized ''The Legal Awareness for University's Students'' Seminar. It was held under the patronage of prof. Ashraf Abdel-Basset, the president of Mansoura University at the Conference Hall at the faculty.

The speaker of the seminar was Dr.Khaled AlQady, Cairo of Appeal Court Chief.

Prof.Mohamed Attia ElBayoumy, the vice-president of the university for Education and Students' Affairs praised the prestigious attendees such as, Dr. Khaled AlQady, to spread the legal culture among the university's students to face the campaigns that target misleading the Egypt's youth by wrong information about their country's institutions.

He added that Mansoura University aims at raising the student's awareness to face the misleading campaigns through organizing cultural events with the attendance of prestigious characters who are qualified and aware of the strategies of the national awareness. Thus, the faculty of Arts participated in organizing this seminar in an appropriate manner that suits the university's place.

Prof. Mahmoud Elgeidy, the dean of the faculty of Arts praised the trust of Mansoura University's leaders in the capabilities of the faculty of Arts and supporting its organizing of this seminar. Further, he pointed out Dr.Khaled AlQady's keen on attending this seminar to raise the students' awareness to face the wrong ideas.

Dr.Khaled AlQady expressed his glad towards being in Mansoura University's campus as it has a prestigious place internationally thanks to its scholars as well as the university's leaders' keen on continuing development of the university. He added that undergraduate level is an essential one in building awareness as the youth receive more information that are not sure about its ethnicity and that he/she can receive it via recognizing all events that surround him/her.

He emphasized that the culture is an essential ingredient in all fields of life such as the national culture that protects its owner from distortion awareness campaigns by some extremist who aim to destroy all national stereotypes that support the stability of the society.

He noted that Egyptians were exposed to campaigns to question the Egyptian identity by removing the connection among the people, the land, and the ruling (legislative, executive, and judicial ) authority in order to spread chaos among citizens.

He urged all media channels to broadcast all positive values that strength the belonging to the homeland, support its stability and the strength of its institutions, and build these values in the university students' souls so that the cultural resources are formed inside their souls and increase their connection to the homeland. Thus, the society becomes the first barrier to rumors of destroying the nation's stability .

He called for the community participation through the coordination among the educational, cultural and medical institutions, courts, parliament , local councils, presidential and national councils, places of worship, youth centers and the civil society to raise the awareness of citizens to face the attempts to destabilize the homeland.

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