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Mansoura University hosts Major General Dr. Samir Farag at a symposium on “Egypt and Contemporary Challenges”

Mansoura University hosts Major General Dr. Samir Farag at a symposium on “Egypt and Contemporary Challenges”

The Faculty of Arts at Mansoura University organized the activities of the educational symposium to celebrate the golden jubilee of the victories of the glorious October War, in which Major General Dr. Samir Farag, the strategic expert, gave a lecture about “Egypt and Contemporary Challenges”.

In the presence of Prof. Mahmoud Al-Gaidi, Dean of the faculty of Arts, vice deans, department heads, faculty staff members, and students, the symposium was moderated by Prof. Hamdi Shaheen, Head of the English Department.

Major General Dr. Samir Farag spoke about the history of Egypt, that is full of great events, the most important of which are the great October victories, with which we recovered the most precious piece of the beloved land of Sinai, which is the land of turquoise, stressing the importance of educational seminars, which contribute to raising Egyptian awareness of loyalty, belonging and sacrifice to the new generation, to listen to the heroic stories of our brave soldiers, and the history of the armed forces who sacrificed their lives for the homeland, defending its freedom and independence.

He added: "We enjoy peace now, and those who sacrificed martyrdom have favor on us because of security and safety." Egypt faces many contemporary challenges, which appeared during the speech of the US minister of foreign affairs, when she declared that they were responsible for the January 25 revolution. He also pointed to the industry of revolutions and conspiracies made by Western countries to create the new Middle East and dismantle the Arab countries into weak states, in which they succeeded in dismantling most of the Arab countries, but Egypt survived it. thanks to the revolution of June 30, 2013.

He talked about the circles of danger to Egyptian national security, and that Egypt is targeted from the northeast by Israel, from the south by the conflict between the Sudanese army forces, and from the west by the division of Libya into two states, and how these Arab countries were subjected to destruction and Egypt was preserved, thanks to the armed forces, and that the main goal of the Egyptian army is to defense its borders, which is a firm belief in the armed forces not to get involved in a war that will lead to wasting Egypt’s development.

He referred to the current events in Palestine, saying: “What Hamas did is a miracle that none of us expected, and what happened in the past days is the largest loss in the conflict with the resistance and the largest number of prisoners.”

He also praised the role of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, in supporting the Palestinian issue, protecting innocent civilians, and confronting Israeli attempts to end the Palestinian issue and displace Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai.

Major General Dr. Samir Farag answered the questions of a number of faculty students and concluded his speech by advising the students: “Today we are exposed to the fourth and fifth generation wars in Egypt and the targeting of young people to overthrow the Egyptian state, through rumors and social media.” He called on the students not to pay attention to the rumors that target the state and to support Egypt to complete the development process.


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