News Archive 2017

Title Created Date
The 7th International Conference of Oncology Center - Mansoura University 30 April 2017
The Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt, announces for The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program 2018/2019 27 April 2017
Laying the foundation stone of the liver transplant building - Mansoura University 26 April 2017
President of Mansoura University inaugurating the new expansions in the psychiatry building - Mansoura University 23 April 2017
Inaugurating the 7th Youth Researchers Forum at the Faculty of Science 23 April 2017
Silver Jubilee Ceremony for the 25th anniversary of Mansoura pharmacy scientific society 22 April 2017
The first international congress for Child and adolescent psychiatry unit – Mansoura University 21 April 2017
Mansoura University faces the illegal immigration phenomenon 20 April 2017
Mansoura University wins two awards at the Geneva International Exhibition 17 April 2017
Producing the largest table beetroot by a research team at Mansoura University 15 April 2017
Mansoura University students win the first place in creativity 5 15 April 2017
National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation visiting the faculty of Education 13 April 2017
Inaugurating the 9th International Conference "Development of the Higher Education Outputs for specific education" 12 April 2017
Inaugurating the 1st International Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mansoura University 10 April 2017
A delegation of Pitesti University - Romania participates in "The induction conference of the Diploma of Radiology Physics" 10 April 2017
The Competitive Research Projects for 2017 10 April 2017
Mansoura University signs a nursing cooperation agreement with Pitesti University - Romania 09 April 2017
Extending the period for the registration at The " Initiative of Higher Education for granting post-graduate for Egyptian professionals " 05 April 2017
UNESCO / Japan Award for Learning for Sustainable Development, 2017 03 April 2017
The seventh employment forum for the faculty of Pharmacy – Mansoura University 03 April 2017
President of Mansoura University inaugurated the First Food Day at the faculty of Agriculture 27 March 2017
Mansoura University announces the winner universities at the end of the first student conference " you are the solution" 26 March 2017
The Regional Director of the Congress Library at the Middle East hosted by the Faculty of Law 26 March 2017
Universities scientific innovations forum at Mansoura University 25 March 2017
The Egyptian identification in a seminar at Mansoura University 25 March 2017
The Ninth International Conference of Foot and Ankle Surgeries- Mansoura University 22 March 2017
The scientific cooperation between Mansoura University and the University of Aberdeen – UK 22 March 2017
The 13th International Conference on Chemistry and Its Role in Development 20 March 2017
Mansoura University seeks the technological cooperation with Sheffield University – England 18 March 2017
The Chinese Manager of the Energy Research Institution visiting Mansoura University 18 March 2017
A charity fair at the Faculty of Engineering 17 March 2017
A seminar to identify the grants of the United States Agency for International Development "USAID" 16 March 2017
Concluding the activities of the anti - corruption week in Mansoura 16 March 2017
The 13th ICCRD-2017 Conference on Chemical Sciences 14 March 2017
The USA grants in a seminar at Mansoura University 14 March 2017
The Second Scientific Research Conference – Faculty of Nursing 13 March 2017
The conclusion of the International Conference of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation - Mansoura University 09 March 2017
Mansoura University hosts the delegation of Bremen University - German 09 March 2017
Renewing the cooperation agreement with the University of Rome Tor Vergata – Italy 09 March 2017
450 researchers participate the International Conference of Scientific Research and Innovation - Mansoura University 09 March 2017
US- Egypt Higher Education Initiative Graduate Scholarships for Professionals 09 March 2017
A team of National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation visiting the faculty of veterinary 05 March 2017
The use of synthetic biology and advanced industrial biotechnology for an accelerated transition in a seminar – faculty of pharmacy 03 March 2017
Mansoura University honors the liver transplantation team at Gastrointestinal Surgery Center 01 March 2017
Forming the scientific publication incentive guide for 2013/2014 01 March 2017
USAID and AMIDEAST delegation in hospitality of Mansoura University 28 February 2017
Within the framework of Mansoura University a seminar will be held a seminar about the National Bank activities for laboratories and scientific instruments at Egyptian universities at 11 am on Sunday, 5th March 2017, at the Conferences Hall (Prof. Ahmed A 27 February 2017
President of Mansoura University discussing the establishment of hearing and speech center at the medical city - Gamasa 27 February 2017
Workshop for "British council" at Mansoura University about the internationalization of higher education in Egypt 24 February 2017
Mansoura University discusses the cooperation with the British University of Portsmouth 22 February 2017